This is a simple tutorial how to set up an arrival report and its scheduler for Roomchecking.

At the bottom of this document, you'll find the .osr to import, with the procedure

Since FIAS does not provide today's arrivals, and since many reservation fields are not available in FIAS, we complement the information with a report. RCC will merge all info transparently.


You need to create a SIMPLE REPORT

Here are the fields to send (in this order) :

Confirmation N°
Room No.
Last Room No.
Last Name
First Name
Arrival Date
Arrival Time
Departure Date
Departure Time
Special Request
Room Features
VIP Code
Children bucket 1
Children bucket 2
Children bucket 3
Country Code
Membership Level
Company Name
Item Inventory
Reservation Color
Block Code
Reservation Status
Group name


In order to receive TODAY's Arrivals ONLY , you must set some filters :

We want to see only Due In and Reserved (not cancelled...)

Arrival date = Business day AND Reservation Status in 'CHECKED IN,DUE IN..."



Once the report has been created, go back to the PMS the Miscelleanous section, then Report Scheduler.

There you need to create a New Report Scheduler :

  1. Select the report just created
  2. Choose FILE (please be carefull, because many times, people leave it as PDF)
  3. File format : Delimited
  4. Delimiter : ;